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Green Wall Systems


Hayn’s Green Wall trellis systems are composed of stainless steel wire hub. This composition allows for crossing and partial stressing and tensioning of the cables to allow you to form the pattern you desire. Our catalog includes a range of Mount Screws, Trellis Cross Clamps, and Trellis Posts. 

Trellis System hardware made from 316 grade stainless steel is offered in 1/8″ – 1/4″ wire diameters.  The system is designed to  accommodate cables attaching perpendicular to each other to form a grid pattern.  Cable sizes greater than 1/8″ utilize the LP104 series posts which have an additional support base for stability.  The posts offer a through mounting system for attachment to a surface.

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photo trellis green wall

Green Wall system using a Trellis Cross Clamp – Traditional Style 

Threaded Stud and Hex Nut System can be used in conjunction with hardware listed below.