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Stainless Steel Cable

Composed of high-tensile ANSI 316 stainless steel that meets or exceeds BSMA 29 tolerances for nominal diameter, tensile strength, and break force thresholds. Wire rope conforms to ASTM A492 and FED-RR-W-410F. All Hayn rigging hardware is engineered to exceed the breaking strength of 1×19 ANSI 316 stainless steel wire rope in it’s corresponding wire size. However, a maximum of 40% of the amounts listed in the above tables should not be exceeded. Consult your engineer for the applicable safe working load for your application. All Hayn lifeline hardware is engineered to exceed the breaking strength of 7×7 ANSI 316 stainless steel wire rope in it’s corresponding wire size. However, a maximum of 40% of the amounts listed in the above tables should not be exceeded. Consult your engineer for the applicable safe working load for your application.

1×19 Stainless Steel Wire
Part #Wire DiameterStrand ConfigurationPer Foot or Spool SizeMinimum Breaking Strength LBS
SC062191/16″1 x 19Per Foot427
SC06219251/16″1 x 19250′ Spool427
SC06219501/16″1 x 19500′ Spool427
SC062191M1/16″1 x 191,000′ Spool427
SC062195M1/16″1 x 195,000′ Spool427
SC093193/32″1 x 19Per Foot819
SC09319253/32″1 x 19250′ Spool819
SC09319503/32″1 x 19500′ Spool819
SC125191/8″1 x 19Per Foot1,869
SC12519251/8″1 x 19250′ Spool1,869
SC12519501/8″1 x 19500′ Spool1,869
SC125191M1/8″1 x 191,000′ Spool1,869
SC125192M1/8″1 x 192,500′ Spool1,869
SC125195M1/8″1 x 195,000′ Spool1,869
SC156195/32″1 x 19Per Foot2,937
SC15619255/32″1 x 19250′ Spool2,937
SC15619505/32″1 x 19500′ Spool2,937
SC156191M5/32″1 x 191,000′ Spool2,937
SC156192M5/32″1 x 192,500′ Spool2,937
SC156195M5/32″1 x 195,000′ Spool2,937
SC188193/16″1 x 19Per Foot4,183
SC18819253/16″1 x 19250′ Spool4,183
SC18819503/16″1 x 19500′ Spool4,183
SC188191M3/16″1 x 191,000′ Spool4,183
SC188192M3/16″1 x 192,500′ Spool4,183
SC188195M3/16″1 x 195,000′ Spool4,183
SC218197/32″1 x 19Per Foot5,607
SC21819257/32″1 x 19250′ Spool5,607
SC21819507/32″1 x 19500′ Spool5,607
SC250191/4″1 x 19Per Foot5,696
SC25019251/4″1 x 19250′ Spool5,696
SC25019501/4″1 x 19500′ Spool5,696
SC250191M1/4″1 x 191,000′ Spool5,696
SC250182M1/4″1 x 192,500′ Spool5,696
SC250195M1/4″1 x 195,000′ Spool5,696
SC281199/32″1 x 19Per Foot9,261
SC28119259/32″1 x 19250′ Spool9,261
SC28119509/32″1 x 19500′ Spool9,261
SC281191M9/32″1 x 191,000′ Spool9,261
SC312195/16″1 x 19Per Foot11,125
SC31219255/16″1 x 19250′ Spool11,125
SC31219505/16″1 x 19500′ Spool11,125
SC375193/8″1 x 19Per Foot15,575
SC37519253/8″1 x 19250′ Spool15,575
SC37519503/8″1 x 19500′ Spool15,575
SC437197/16″1 x 19Per Foot20,025
SC43719257/16″1 x 19250′ Spool20,025
SC43719507/16″1 x 19500′ Spool20,025
SC500191/2″1 x 19Per Foot25,116
SC50019251/2″1 x 19250′ Spool25,116
SC50019501/2″1 x 19500′ Spool25,116
SC562199/16″1 x 19Per Foot28,649
SC56219259/16″1 x 19250′ Spool28,649
SC625195/8″1 x 19Per Foot36,107
SC62519255/8″1 x 19250′ Spool36,107

From the high tech look of stainless steel, chrome, glass, etc. to the warm look of wood or brass, Hayn Lines will accent any decor. Marine tested and approved with a long-standing reputation for quality, delivery, pricing, and customer support, Hayn is the preferred choice for architects and designers.

All Hayn architectural hardware is manufactured in Hayn’s U.S. plant utilizing domestic manufactured materials in accordance with the Buy American Act.

Compact Strand Stainless Steel Wire
Part #Wire DiameterStrand ConfigurationPer Foot or Spool SizeMinimum Breaking Strength LBS
SCM0317CS3mm1 x 7Per Foot2,205
SCM0317CS253mm1 x 7250′ Spool2,205
SCM0317CS503mm1 x 7500′ Spool2,205
SCM0417CS4mm1 x 7Per Foot3,924
SCM0417CS254mm1 x 7250′ Spool3,924
SCM0417CS504mm1 x 7500′ Spool3,924
SCM0519CS5mm1 x 19Per Foot5,379
SCM0519CS255mm1 x 19250′ Spool5,379
SCM0519CS505mm1 x 19500′ Spool5,379
SCM0619CS6mm1 x 19Per Foot7,826
SCM0619CS256mm1 x 19250′ Spool7,826
SCM0619CS506mm1 x 19500′ Spool7,826
SCM0719CS7mm1 x 19Per Foot10,825
SCM0719CS257mm1 x 19250′ Spool10,825
SCM0719CS507mm1 x 19500′ Spool10,825
SCM0819CS8mm1 x 19Per Foot13,558
SCM0819CS258mm1 x 19250′ Spool13,558
SCM0819CS508mm1 x 19500′ Spool13,558
SCM1019CS10mm1 x 19Per Foot21,539
SCM1019CS2510mm1 x 19250′ Spool21,539
SCM1019CS5010mm1 x 19500′ Spool21,539
SCM1219CS12mm1 x 19Per Foot31,747
SCM1219CS2512mm1 x 19250′ Spool31,747
SCM1219CS5012mm1 x 19500′ Spool31,747
SCM1419CS14mm1 x 19Per Foot43,415
SCM1419CS2514mm1 x 19250′ Spool43,415
SCM1419CS5014mm1 x 19500′ Spool43,415
SCM1636CS16mm1 x 36Per Foot56,395
SCM1636CS2516mm1 x 36250′ Spool56,395
SCM1936CS19mm1 x 25Per Foot70,547
Metric 1×19 Stainless Steel Wire
Part #Wire DiameterStrand ConfigurationPer Foot or Spool SizeMinimum Breaking Strength LBS
SCM04194mm1 x 19Per Foot2,937
SCM0419254mm1 x 19250′ Spool2,937
SCM0419504mm1 x 19500′ Spool2,937
SCM04191M4mm1 x 191,000′ Spool2,937
SCM04192M4mm1 x 192,500′ Spool2,937
SCM04195M4mm1 x 195,000′ Spool2,937
SCM05195mm1 x 19Per Foot4,631
SCM0519255mm1 x 19250′ Spool4,631
SCM0519505mm1 x 19500′ Spool4,631
SCM06196mm1 x 19Per Foot6,671
SCM0619256mm1 x 19250′ Spool6,671
SCM0619506mm1 x 19500′ Spool6,671
SCM07197mm1 x 19Per Foot9,261
SCM0719257mm1 x 19250′ Spool9,261
SCM0719507mm1 x 19500′ Spool9,261
SCM07191M7mm1 x 191,000′ Spool9,261
SCM08198mm1 x 19Per Foot11,125
SCM0819258mm1 x 19250′ Spool11,125
SCM0819508mm1 x 19500′ Spool11,125
SCM101910mm1 x 19Per Foot18,527
SCM10192510mm1 x 19250′ Spool18,527
SCM10195010mm1 x 19500′ Spool18,527
SCM121912mm1 x 19Per Foot26,680
SCM12192512mm1 x 19250′ Spool26,680
SCM12195012mm1 x 19500′ Spool26,680
SCM141914mm1 x 19Per Foot28,649
SCM14192514mm1 x 19250′ Spool28,649
SCM161916mm1 x 19Per Foot36,107
SCM16192516mm1 x 19250′ Spool36,107
7×19 & 7×7 Stainless Steel Wire
Part #Wire DiameterStrand ConfigurationPer Foot or Spool SizeMinimum Breaking Strength LBS
SC062771/16″7 x 7Per Foot427
SC06277251/16″7 x 7250′ Spool427
SC06277501/16″7 x 7500′ Spool427
SC093773/32″7 x 7Per Foot819
SC093773/32″7 x 7250′ Spool819
SC093773/32″7 x 7500′ Spool819
SC125771/8″7 x 7Per Foot1,566
SC12577251/8″7 x 7250′ Spool1,566
SC12577501/8″7 x 7500′ Spool1,566
SC125771M1/8″7 x 71,000′ Spool1,566
SC125772M1/8″7 x 72,500′ Spool1,566
SC125775M1/8″7 x 75,000′ Foot1,566
SC156775/32″7 x 7Per Foot2,136
SC15677255/32″7 x 7250′ Spool2,136
SC15677505/32″7 x 7500′ Spool2,136
SC156771M5/32″7 x 71,000′ Spool2,136
SC156772M5/32″7 x 72,500′ Spool2,136
SC156775M5/32″7 x 75,000′ Foot2,136
SC188773/16″7 x 7Per Foot3,293
SC18877253/16″7 x 7250′ Spool3,293
SC18877503/16″7 x 7500′ Spool3,293
SC188771M3/16″7 x 71,000′ Spool3,293
SC188772M3/16″7 x 72,500′ Spool3,293
SC188775M3/16″7 x 75,000′ Foot3,293
SC250771/4″7 x 7Per Foot5,696
SC25077251/4″7 x 7250′ Spool5,696
SC25077501/4″7 x 7500′ Spool5,696
SC250775M1/4″7 x 75,000′ Foot5,696
SC312775/16″7 x 7Per Foot8,010
SC31277255/16″7 x 7250′ Spool8,010
SC062791/16″7 x 19Per Foot427
SC06279251/16″7 x 19250′ Spool427
SC093793/32″7 x 19Per Foot1068
SC09379253/32″7 x 19250′ Spool1068
SC09379503/32″7 x 19500′ Spool1068
SC125791/8″7 x 19Per Foot1,566
SC12579251/8″7 x 19250′ Spool1,566
SC12579501/8″7 x 19500′ Spool1,566
SC125791M1/8″7 x 191,000′ Foot1,566
SC125792M1/8″7 x 192,500′ Spool1,566
SC125795M1/8″7 x 195,000′ Spool1,566
SC156795/32″7 x 19Per Foot2,136
SC15679255/32″7 x 19250′ Spool2,136
SC15679505/32″7 x 19500′ Spool2,136
SC156791M5/32″7 x 191,000′ Foot2,136
SC156792M5/32″7 x 192,500′ Spool2,136
SC156795M5/32″7 x 195,000′ Spool2,136
SC188793/16″7 x 19Per Foot3,293
SC18879253/16″7 x 19250′ Spool3,293
SC18879503/16″7 x 19500′ Spool3,293
SC188791M3/16″7 x 191,000′ Foot3,293
SC188792M3/16″7 x 192,500′ Spool3,293
SC188795M3/16″7 x 195,000′ Spool3,293
SC218797/32″7 x 19Per Foot4,056
SC250791/4″7 x 19Per Foot5,696
SC25079251/4″7 x 19250′ Spool5,696
SC25079501/4″7 x 19500′ Spool5,696
SC250792M1/4″7 x 192,500′ Spool5,696
SC281199/32″7 x 19Per Foot7,020
SC312795/16″7 x 19Per Foot8,010
SC375793/8″7 x 19Per Foot11,951
SC37579253/8″7 x 19250′ Spool11,951
Vinyl Coated – 7×7 Stainless Steel Wire
Part #Wire DiameterStrand
Per Foot or Spool SizeColorVinyl Coating DiameterMinimum Breaking Strength LBS
LLC11618W251/16″7 x 7250′ SpoolWhite1/8″427
LLC332532W253/32″7 x 7250′ SpoolWhite5/32″819
LLC18732W251/8″7 x 7250′ SpoolWhite7/32″1,565
LLC532732W255/32″7 x 7250′ SpoolWhite7/32″2,136
LLC316516W253/16″7 x 7250′ SpoolWhite5/16″3,293
LLC1438W251/4″7 x 7250′ SpoolWhite3/8″5,696
LLC11618W501/16″7 x 7500′ SpoolWhite1/8″427
LLC332532W503/32″7 x 7500′ SpoolWhite5/32″819
LLC18732W501/8″7 x 7500′ SpoolWhite7/32″1,565
LLC532732W505/32″7 x 7500′ SpoolWhite7/32″2,136
LLC316516W503/16″7 x 7500′ SpoolWhite5/16″3,293
LLC1438W501/4″7 x 7500′ SpoolWhite3/8″5,696
LLC11618W1/16″7 x 7Per FootWhite1/8″427
LLC332532W3/32″7 x 7Per FootWhite5/32″819
LLC18732W1/8″7 x 7Per FootWhite7/32″1,565
LLC532732W5/32″7 x 7Per FootWhite7/32″
LLC316516W3/16″7 x 7Per FootWhite5/16″3,293
LLC1438W1/4″7 x 7Per FootWhite3/8″5,696