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WireTeknik Roll Swager A-100

1/16" - 3/16" Wire

Note: The A100 Swager includes a hydraulic hand pump.  Optional 110v Electric and Battery Drill Hydraulic Power Units available.


Part # Wire Size
A10332 3/32″ – 2.5mm
A1018 1/8″ – 3mm
A10532 5/32″ – 4mm
A10316 3/16″ – 5mm

Bended Links

Part # Material Diameter
WTBLCHL-10 10mm

Nut A100

Part # Description
WTNUTA-10014LH Nut A-100 1/4-28 LH
WTNUTA-10014RH Nut A-100 1/4-28 RH
WTNUTA-10038LH Nut A-100 3/8-24 LH
WTNUTA-10038RH Nut A-100 3/8-24 RH
WTNUTA-100516LH Nut A-100 5/16-18 LH
WTNUTA-100516RH Nut A-100 5/16-18 RH
WTNUTA-100M10LH Nut A-100 M10 LH
WTNUTA-100M10RH Nut A-100 M10 RH
WTNUTA-100M5LH Nut A-100 M5 LH
WTNUTA-100M5RH Nut A-100 M5 RH
WTNUTA-100M6LH Nut A-100 M6 LH
WTNUTA-100M6RH Nut A-100 M6 RH
WTNUTA-100M8LH Nut A-100 M8 LH
WTNUTA-100M8RH Nut A-100 M8 RH


Stud Pullers

Part # Description
WTA-100STPULL65 A-100 Stud Puller 6.5
WTA-100STPULL95 A-100 Stud Puller 9.5


Fork Pullers

Part #



Part # Description
WTFSF2 Small Fork
WTFMF3 Medium Fork – 10mm Pin