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Hi-MOD Compression Terminals & Failsafe Insulators


Hayn’s Hi-MOD Compression Terminals & Failsafe Insulators set the industry standard for excellence in the marine industry. Our products are designed to maintain integrity even in the toughest conditions. 


Produced by Petersen Stainless in the UK and distributed exclusively by Hayn Enterprises in the USA, the Hi-MOD mechanical terminal is the latest approach in swageless fittings. The terminal design includes a unique crown ring that arranges the wire strands for even spacing around the fitting. This allows each strand to experience the load equally. The design also eliminates the need to bend the wires around the cone, which ensures the cone is in the proper location, and keeps the strands from dropping into the cone slots. These advantages, combined with a longer cone with a more shallow angle, give you the most secure and efficient swageless terminal on the market today. Both the cone and crown ring are fully re-usable allowing for easy inspection and re-use without having to replace anything.

We do not require the use of sealant in our fittings. You can, however, fill them with a non-acidic polysulfide or better marine-grade sealant.