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NAVTEC K550 / C651 Turnbuckle Combination

The K550 and C651 can be integrated together to provide micro-adjustment, greater articulation, and resistance to wear. Assembly includes 1 cap, 1 cup washer, and 1 stainless backing plate. Suffix 02 from K550 Tang available upon request.
Hayn Part # NAVTEC Part # W-Rod Size C651-Part # Cup Washer-Part #
HYN-K550-004S08 K550-008S08 -04 C651-004-08B K551-02-008S08
HYN-K550-006S08 K550-008S10 -06 C651-006-10B K151-02-0082
HYN-K550-008S10 K550-008S10 -08 C651-008-10B K151-02-0082
HYN-K550-010S12 K550-012S12 -10 C651-010-12B K151-02-0121
HYN-K550-012S14 K550-012S14 -12 C651-012-14B K151-02-012S14
HYN-K550-017S16 K550-022S16 -15 C651-015-16B K151-02-022S16
HYN-K550-017S16 K550-022S16 -17 C651-017-16B K151-02-022S16
HYN-K550-030S20 K550-030S20 -22 C651-022-20B K151-02-030S20
HYN-K550-030S20 K550-030S20 -30 C651-030-20B K151-02-030S20
HYN-K550-048S24 K550-048S24 -40 C651-0402428B K401-02-482
HYN-K550-048S24 K550-048S24 -48 C651-0482428B K401-02-482
HYN-K550-060S28 K550-060S28 -60 C651-0602832B K151-02-060S28