METALCRAFT by Hayn Enterprises

Conduit Grips and SealsConduit Grips and Seals

Designed for ease of use requiring no special tools, Metalcraft™ Conduit Grips have been developed as a labor and cost saving mechanism for a variety of installations including water, electric, and other conduits in structural concrete. Conduit Grips eliminate the need for deck flanges or cutting large holes in expensive concrete forms.

Used for precise conduit positioning and thread protection, the Conduit Grips are threaded in flush to each end of a conduit and screwed through the walls of the concrete forms. Upon stripping the forms, the Grips can be easily removed leaving the internal threads of the coupling ends clean for immediate use or a Metalcraft™ Conduit Seal (below) can be installed to seal off conduit pipes for future use.

Conduit GripsConduit Grips

Conduit Size Part #
1/2" CG105
3/4" CG106
1" CG107
1-1/4" CG108
1-1/2" CG109
2" CG110
2-1/2" CG111
3" CG112
3-1/2" CG113
4" CG114
5" CG115
6" CG116

Conduit Seals

Conduit Size Part #
1/2" CG105A
3/4" CG106A
1" CG107A
1-1/4" CG108A
1-1/2" CG109A
2" CG110A
2-1/2" CG111A
3" CG112A
3-1/2" CG113A
4" CG114A
5" CG115A
6" CG116A