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Swaging Techniques

Compact Strand Wire Rope


The intention of these instructions is to provide guidance on swaging techniques for compact strand wire rope. The steps outlined in this procedure should only be executed by an experienced and qualified rigging professional. 

All raw materials, tools, measurement equipment, and gage calibration services described in this procedure can be obtained from Hayn, LLC. 

Download Swaging Techniques Instructions

Steps / Operations:


Ensure that the swage terminal selected is suited for use with compact strand wire rope. Hayn part numbers will have suffix “-CS”. 


De-burr / slightly chamfer wire rope cut end to ensure smooth insertion into swage terminal.


Clean / scuff wire rope with Scotch-Brite™ “General Purpose Hand Pad 7447” or equivalent for the entire depth of swage plus 2 wire diameters or 14 times wire diameter. Example: 12mm Compact Strand x 14 = 168mm length the clean. 


Ensure both the wire rope and swage terminal are free of containments and oils by wiping down with Acetone and a lint free wipe such as Hayn Wipe or equivalent. 


Insert wire rope to full depth of the swage terminal and mark exit point on the wire rope with permanent marker. Extract the wire rope and place next to swage fitting and mark hole depth with permanent marker. 


Spray rope with Loctite™ Kleen N Prime 7471 and wait at least 1 minute prior to moving to the next step.


Lightly Coat wire rope with Loctite™ Sleeve Retainer 640 for a length of 12 times diameter. 

*Note: Cure time is 24 hours at 22° Celsius (72° Fahrenheit). Loctite™ curing performance is temperature sensitive and dramatically slows with temperature below 22° Celsius (72° Fahrenheit).


Apply 140 Grit Synthetic Diamond Powder to the Loctite™ coated surface.


Insert / rotate (2 full turns) the swage fitting onto the wire rope ensuring 100% entry by observing the permanent marker line made during step 5.


Perform swage operation using WireTeknik or Top Reff roll swage machine.

  1. Select appropriate die size and lightly lubricate.
  2. Select and install appropriate pulling attachment (WireTeknik only).
  3. Engage swager machine dies 1/2 → 1 wire diameter short of swage depth indicated with permanent marker. 
  4. Ensure the wire rope has straight alignment / entry into swage terminal during swage operation.
  5. Using  the permanent marker line on the wire rope, ensure wire is 100% inserted into swage fitting prior to commencing swage operation. 
  6.  The permanent marker  line should have disappeared, as the swage terminal will grow in length during the swage operation. 


After Swage Inspections / Actions:


Inspect to determine if any permanent marker is visible on the wire rope. 

*Note: If marker remains visible , the wire rope was not completely engaged during the swage operation and full pull out strength has not been achieved. The fitting must not be used. 


Wipe / clean  wire rope and swage terminal with Acetone to ensure all remaining oil, debris, Sleeve Retainer, and Diamond Powder are removed. 


All measurement inspections should be performed using a calibrated measuring instrument. Hayn recommends a digital caliper or a digital micrometer. 


Measure after swage dimension of the swage terminal and compare value to “Swage Dimension Table”.

*Note: Due to variations in wire rope, material hardness, and fitting manufacture tolerance it may be necessary to repeat Steps 10. Document after swage measured value with job for permanent record of swage validity. 

Part #Description
LOCTITE-640Loctite Sleeve Retainer – 640 50ml Bottle
LOCTITE-7471Loctite Kleen & Prime – 4.5oz Aerosol Spray
DIAMOND-POWDERDiamond Powder for Compact Strand Fittings – 20 Gram Packet
SCOTCH-PADScotch-Brite Pad – General Purpose 7447 – Case of 20 Pads
SCOTCH-PAD-1Scotch-Brite Pad – General Purpose 7447 – Each (1)
WIPES-CASEHayn Finishing Lint Free Wipes – Case 300
WIPES-EACHHayn Finishing Wipes – Each (1)