Hayn Lines Stainless Steel Cable Systems

Hayn Lines are manufactured by Hayn Enterprises, a 60-year-old family-owned business, better known as Hayn Marine, a leading supplier of turnbuckles and related hardware for the marine field. This technology has been adapted for use in the architectural field. From the high tech look of stainless steel, chrome, glass, etc. to the warm look of wood or brass, Hayn Lines will accent any decor. Marine tested and approved with a 50 year reputation for quality, delivery, pricing, and customer support, Hayn is the preferred choice for architects and designers.

Hayn Lines Stainless Steel Cable Systems

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Hayn Architectural Products CatalogHayn Architectural Products Catalog

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Featured: Hayn Grip Swageless FittingsHayn Grip Swageless Fittings

Similar to Hayn machine swage and Handy Crimp™ style cable systems, this design revolves around being a high strength yet compact solution for swageless cable terminations. Additionally, this system was designed to minimize the amount of new hardware components required sharing the majority of end fittings choices with it's "swage type" counterparts.





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