Hi-MOD Compression Fittings Installation

Step 1

Wrap a piece of electrician's tape around the wire and saw to length. A clamp or vice and a file are useful, but not absolutely necessary.
Place the body over the wire as shown.

Step 2

Untwist the outer strands by picking out and twisting in the opposite direction to the lay of the wire.
Slide the thin end of the cone over the center core. You can force the cone open with a screwdriver blade if necessary.

Step 3

Slide the Crown Ring over the center core with the concave side first.
There is a hole in the center of the threaded stud, fork or eye. Push the Crown Ring on with this part and the core will protrude by the correct amount.
Twist the outer strands back into position over the cone. Firmly twist the Crown Ring in the direction of the lay while you position the outer strands in the slots.

Step 4

Wire Sizes up to 7/32" (5mm) require 2 strands per slot (fig.2).

Wire sizes 1/4" (6mm) and above have 1 strand per slot (fig.3).

When all of the outer strands are located the cone and Crown Ring will remain in place with no assistance.
Gently twist the body back over the wire, rotating in the same direction as the lay of the wire.

Step 5

Screw the threaded end fitting tightly onto the body. DO NOT apply thread locking solution at this stage.Remove the end fitting end ensure that the outer strands and Crown Ring have stayed in position. Secure the fitting's thread with Loctite 277 or some other suitable thread locking solution.

For routine maintenance remove the threaded end fitting, tap back the body, wash and inspect. Fittings are fully re-usable unless the cone is distorted.